What Does The Word ‘Esoteric’ Mean To Me?

Whenever I think of the word esoteric, the first thing that comes to mind is sacred knowledge. Generally, it is not something we learn in grade school. It starts with happenings and awakenings that prompt you to seek out more information. For myself, it came in layers, and I’ll explain. It started when I searched for music to help me relax and sleep better. I’ve struggled with insomnia for years and it affected my moods, energy, and well-being. So I came across YouTube videos and articles on Hz (hertz) frequencies that help with insomnia, stress relief, healing, wellness, and science.

In high school I learned about and became a big fan of Nikola Tesla. He was a renowned inventor and worked with high-frequency power experiments in New York. I became intrigued with his life story and esoteric knowledge. He was so very unique and eccentric and I could absolutely relate to him growing up. People judged him but to me, his legacy was a powerful part of history. Circling back, his work came up many times when I started researching sound frequencies to disarm my insomnia.

From that point on in my research, I discovered information on the 7 Chakras of the human body that opened another world of guided meditation and healing. I have been hooked to YouTube’s guided meditations and sound frequencies for the past five years. Learning about this led me to more — reading books and gaining knowledge that has helped me discover my life path. Discovering esoteric knowledge has guided me to see our world on a higher level of consciousness, and it took personal research and self-discovery to access it.

I believe each person will find their own unique path into their self-discovery/journey. It will not impact everyone in the same way either; it’s kind of like putting together your own puzzle of life through signs and synchronicities. The more you learn, the more you will see both physically and spiritually. The more you open up your mind and consciousness, the deeper you can tap into sacred knowledge through the universe as well as through your ancestors, guardian angels, and spirit guides. This information can come to you in the form of dreams, smells, epiphanies, synchronicities, numbers, and music. All you need is an open mind and a positive mindset. Sharing my experiences through art and creativity is a part of my calling and life path. Esoteric knowledge can open doors you never thought possible. Esoterism is knowledge found through learning, reading, experiences, and self-discovery. Getting started is easy, just ask yourself these questions: Who am I really? Why are we here? What is my purpose? Where is my tribe? And, am I ready to find my path? The journey is yours!

Love & Light
The Golden Goddess

esoteric knowledge

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