You Are A Star

Key elements of survival are knowing how to handle change, being willing to adapt, and knowing how to treat others well – especially when there is no personal gain. It is often the struggles, not successes in life that make you humble and elevate you to a higher level of understanding. Those who are naturally creative usually come out on top of some of the toughest situations. This leaves the doubters, haters and naysayers puzzled, shocked, and more specifically, left behind. They doubted you, overlooked and underestimated you at one point in life. Time has now passed and in the present, you have healed, ascended, and worked even harder. You shine a light so bright that no one can ever put it out. Your actions encourage the masses now. The same hecklers are NOW wondering how the hell you did it! It triggers their rotten cores and forces them to level up and focus on their own demons. Eccentric people can create greatness out of anything; we are the creators of popular strategies, unique solutions and ideas. These precious jewels of creativity pulled us through, despite the odds. The glory was well earned, and respect is due. Mind over Matter is an unquestionable proverb, indeed. Shine bright my beloved!

Love & Light
The Golden Goddess

You Are A Star blog by The Golden Goddess

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