What You Should Know About The Evil Eye

Does Evil Eye really exist? The answer is YES. Evil Eye embodies the energy of jealousy, envy, hate, or guilt-ridden projections fueled by the insecurities and personal failures of others. This envious energy is usually ignited by another person’s light, success, or happiness. The light in you can activate the demons in others, as I referred to in my previous blog. Most of us miss the early signs of this nasty energy mainly because it is from folks we love and care about. It’s that competition you never signed up for, but you got thrown into anyway and ended up becoming the target. It’s the homie-lover-friends or family members you tell good news to and suddenly, they change the subject or give you a canceling or competitive reply, attempting to dim the light of your happy news. It’s the “I can do it too, and better than you can” defensive attitude. It’s all the back-handed compliments and jokes about your interests, your beliefs, and your lifestyle. Why in the world would someone even do that to people they truly care about? This should be the question that awakens your discernment and help you set boundaries regarding who has access to your energy. It is critical not to use blood ties, years of friendship, relationships, or marriage to keep you willfully blind in an Evil Eye situation. Be mindful, take mental notes, and move accordingly once you see the full picture. Ignoring this nasty energy is a huge mistake. The ability to immediately detect Evil Eye energy is a true gift from the Divine; never second guess or dismiss it. Trust that niggling feeling, then pray on it, then act on it!

Denial of Evil Eye energy is common because many people try to rationalize the “why?” But picture this: you are in a situation where you don’t believe your peer (who seems to have so much more than you monetarily/material-wise) can harbor such jealousy toward you. So now you think you’re paranoid, right? WRONG. Just because you cannot understand the “why” does not mean it’s not happening to you. I am here to clarify that if you’ve ever felt a smidge of Evil Eye energy from someone, it is very real – do not ignore it. Quietly take notes on the behaviors of others and at that moment decide who will get denied access to your time and energy. Talk less, listen more, and keep your plans and ideas to yourself – you learn more when you observe. It is O.K. to lovingly distance yourself from anyone toxic at any time and without any explanation. Evil Eye can start out very small, but unmonitored over time, can drain you and affect your spiritual and physical well-being. This type of negative energy can truly block your blessings, keep you distracted, cause stagnation, and cause a lack of progress in your life. Always be mindful of Evil Eye energy and learn as much as you can so you can protect yourself. The original Evil Eye was said to be a curse transmitted through a malicious glare by an envious person. Evil Eye can also be directed to you energetically. Recommendations to help protect yourself from Evil Eye energy are wearing a Nazar (eye-shaped amulet🧿) or other jewelry/charms displaying the Evil Eye symbol. Did you notice Evil Eye merchandise is trending? Another recommendation is to burn a candle and say a quick prayer. Ask your spirit guides, ancestors, guardian angels, or whomever you pray to, to protect you.

If you made it to the end of this, thank you very much for reading. I hope it inspires you to do further research, learn how to protect yourself, and use better discernment for the people in your life.

Love & Light
The Golden Goddess

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What You Should Know About The Evil Eye blog by The Golden Goddess

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