Let Me Activate Y-O-U

There are certain people and situations we are meant to cross paths with that will hurt us so deeply and so profoundly – and the only way we can persevere is to look within, heal, and discover who we truly are and what our life purpose is.

There were significant life lessons in all those betrayals you experienced, as well as blessings that rose out of heartbreak, pain, sadness, disappointment, and depression. The awakening in your soul sparked when you first realized things were not what they seemed. This wake-up call finally helped you see that your friends, lovers, or family members were not who you thought they were. This experience opened the door to your new partnership with the Divine for guidance, knowledge, understanding, and healing. You have awakened after a long slumber to meet your higher self again in this lifetime.

Time has passed and your healing has improved, you’ve learned so much and have passed many tests. You have graduated into your next phase of ascension. Are you done learning? Never, but you are now able to teach and share your light with those who are fighting their way out of darkness. You are now a beacon of hope and encouragement for others. Unknowingly, by battling your darkness, you are now guiding other souls into the light to discover their own paths. You are doing your part to help generate the higher vibration this world so badly needs. It is quite a blessing to be able to transmute our struggles and pain into a light that leads others to do the same in a perpetual cycle of elevation.

So, the next time you face pain and suffering, know that you are now capable of transmuting this energy to use as your own power source, no matter what the situation. You are ready, so never give up or dim your light for anyone!

Love & Light
The Golden Goddess

Lets Activate YOU blog by The Golden Goddess

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