Free Yourself

Never be afraid to go after the things in life that serve you. It’s easy to get caught up or distracted with daily life. We often forget to live, breathe, and enjoy the simple things. When was the last time you felt free? Surely not on the clock at work; those are hours we endure making another man or corporation’s dreams possible.
What about your own dreams? Your passions? They are just as important, even more so! Get out of autopilot, you were not meant to be a robot. Free up your mind first and all else will follow. Manifest that big change in life that will make you happier than you’ve ever been. Take time out to enjoy things, like nature, “me-time,” and the things that make you laugh/smile.
Refuse to be caged in, rebuke being only seen as a number. You matter! There is life beyond that cubicle and desk you are sitting behind. You deserve to enjoy life and be happy. Our lives should not only revolve around a job, a paycheck, or responsibilities. Don’t allow those things to keep you locked away from living. Get outside and gaze at the sky, embody wonder as you once did as a child. Connect with Spirit by appreciating the sun, moon, stars, and trees. Gratitude is everything! Free yourself from your comfort zone at least once or twice a week, try something creative that brings you joy. Turn off all your mental tabs, trade in your phones, TVs, and depressing news for a favorite childhood book that you haven’t read in ages – revisit your imagination. Take a short walk outside, smile for no reason, take deep full breaths, and enjoy just being for a little while. Sometimes all you need is a few delicious moments in the day to unplug and enjoy peaceful silence, using nothing but your creative power. Daydreams are limitless, why can’t our lives be? Imagine a new improved way of living – where you win! Believe it with the utmost faith and watch it manifest in the 3D world. Anything is possible, all you ever need to do is believe, have faith, and most importantly, make it your business to find your own happiness and be true to yourself.

Love & Light 
The Golden Goddess

Free Yourself blog by The Golden Goddess

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