You Are Never Alone

I must confess, I’ve never been a religious person per say. As a child, I occasionally had to go to church with family and will admit to you that I rarely enjoyed it. I was a rebellious youth, so anything that was forced did not give me a great impression. I did understand at an early age that the Divine was real, however, I knew that my connection would not be via church or a specific religion. For me, it was more of a knowing/consciousness. I recall my grandmother reading her bible to me and teaching me stories from it. I would ask her many questions and she was very patient and answered my questions; we had some of the best talks about these things. She taught me how to pray and we would pray together. These are some of the most cherished moments that mean the world to me. Grandma’s prayers hit different!
The Divine reaches out to us through people and the things we love, cherish, and relate to the most. I always had dreams and deep feelings as a child but was never able to explain where they came from. As I matured, I realized it was the Divine reaching out to me through my intuition and senses guiding and protecting me; helping me make important decisions that have saved my life many times throughout the years. Spirit was always there, listening to my fears, worries and lovingly guiding me through my storms.
Whenever I think of just how much the Divine has been there for me in life, my heart overflows with love and gratitude. I am so loved and taken care of. It took me years to understand this fact. All the times I ever felt alone, Spirit was there. I just wasn’t conscious of it at the time because I was distracted. I now have a deeper understanding and closer relationship with the Divine.
I won’t bore you with my life lessons and stories. However, I will tell you this, we are never alone! Whatever you are going through, you can talk to Spirit and be heard, but you also have to be open to listening as well. Balance is a must. Prayer and meditation are so powerful. I would not be here without it. We all have different beliefs; not everyone believes in God. But I do, and I will always speak on it unapologetically. We are never alone! Have faith.

Love & Light
The Golden Goddess

You Are Never Alone blog by The Golden Goddess

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