An Enemy in Friend’s Clothing

There are many people in this world who have had an enemy in friend’s clothing. The main targets of these enemies are those who embody genuine kindness, happiness, big-heartedness, and who love others unconditionally, sometimes to a fault. If you resonate, this is for you! Some people endure these types of toxic vibes from frenemies for years – until one day they wake up and see outside of the rose-colored glasses. What woke you up? Was it pain, trauma, an epiphany?

My personal awakening came from dreams, which caused me to look closer at all the signs I was missing in the past. I prayed for guidance and for God to reveal my hidden enemies. What was shown to me changed my world, but I am grateful for it because now I am informed and can move accordingly. Having spiritual discernment is a true gift from the Divine. These types of people will love you and hate you at the same time, and that can be very dangerous to your well-being.

Sometimes painful realizations bring you to a higher level of consciousness. Especially when you realize the people you cherish, look up to, or hold in high honor are the polar opposite of what you thought they were. You ask yourself “Why didn’t I see it after all these years?” Then you are ashamed because you feel duped and bamboozled. It’s hard not to feel naïve after finding out the truth. But when you become fully aware of Spiritual warfare, it becomes easier to identify and overcome. No need to be hard on yourself. Life is about learning and educating oneself, as you find your life path. Showing real love, kindness and the spirit of true friendship is what makes you strong. Having good intentions from day one is a God-given trait; not everyone has it, and those who don’t will see it as a weakness because of their choice to thrive on a lower vibration. These are not your people.

Discernment and trusting your intuition is a true gift. Once you become fully aware that some of your friends/family members are actually foes, everything you do from that point on should be action-based. Start detachment and/or boundary-setting immediately! Also, take out time to self-reflect and recognize your behaviors. Ask yourself these questions:
Do you often put everyone else first? Do you people-please excessively? Are you co-dependent? Do you have a victim mentality? What trauma do you need to review so you can heal and have better connections?
If any of these questions resonate, it’s time to look within and do some shadow work – you don’t have to do it alone. Take your healing process one day at a time!

When you are too focused on others and neglect yourself, you can become a target for fake friends and low vibrational experiences. Equal give-and-take matters! You must be just as open to receiving as you are to giving. 

Pay attention to how you feel after being around certain friends. Check your energy levels – if you feel drained or depleted, it is time to set boundaries. Protecting your energy will have a positive impact on your life. I personally find serenity in solitude when I become overwhelmed with other people’s energy, so much so that I currently keep to myself more than ever. I say less and listen more.

Use discernment when it comes to disclosing your business, your dreams, your moves, and good or bad news. My time and energy are sacred and I am very selective with whom I share it with – and so should you. If you made it this far, I am going to drop some jewels that will help you along your journey.


Weird Energy: The mood or conversation changes/stops abruptly whenever you enter the room with certain friends/family. The feeling is so heavy and awkward.

Fake Praise: Your friends will congratulate you on your endeavors or good news. They will have much to say about it and ask many questions. But behind the scenes, they will actively ignore your moves and show no genuine effort or support. They will closely watch every post and story on your social media, but never or rarely like, share, or engage. However, when they see or speak to you, they pour on the fake praise, thick like molasses. They call you “boss lady” or “boss man” or “King, Queen, Diva” etc. They say things like “You are winning, it must be nice!” or “I want to be like you when I grow up” or “Tell me exactly how you did it.” I call this tactic: playing in your face.

Weird Nosey Questions/Comments: Your faux friends will ask you random questions that are so off-putting or inappropriate that it confuses you, catches you off guard, or makes you feel uncomfortable. Take heed – these strange questions/comments are not random. Fake friends will often fixate on your every move and plot behind the scenes. The weird comments and often gaslighting are a tell of their hidden jealousy and/or animosity. They want to be in the “Know” about you at all times. It’s the fake checkups, video calls, texts, etc. to really keep tabs on your moves because they are always in secret competition. Pay attention!

Copycat Spirit: They will attempt to copy and paste your identity and your every move, then broadcast and pretend it was their idea all along. This should not be confused with being inspired by someone. It’s a big difference because genuine friends want each other to win and know that there is room for everyone to excel.

Suddenly you realize they want your life, your blessings, your abundance. They want people to love them the way you are loved. Their intent is to always one-up you and imply that they too can do the things you can and do it better than you. This is not a good situation to be in because as time goes on, it turns into them not wanting you to have anything… even life (meanwhile, you were wishing them nothing but the best. You were busy living your life the best way you could. You never signed up to compete with anyone).

One thing you must know and understand, if your authenticity triggers certain people around you, they have no business being in your life. Cut them off immediately when you see these traits. Real friends don’t act that way. These types of people are truly detrimental to your well-being because they constantly send you negative energy and evil eye. Eventually their negative energy will latch on to you if you don’t anything about it.

Thank you for reading and I hope this helps you realize that no – it is not all in your mind. What you sense is real, and you should act on it. 

Love & Light
The Golden Goddess

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