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What Does The Word ‘Esoteric’ Mean To Me?

Whenever I think of the word esoteric, the first thing that comes to mind is sacred knowledge. Generally, it is not something we learn in grade school. It starts with happenings and awakenings that

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Your Presence is a Present

As we know, it’s the season of gift-giving. But with it comes holiday blues, depression, and self-shaming. Many feel down because they can’t afford to give material gifts. The Golden Goddess has a new narrative – Let your presence be a present! Lend a helping hand or an ear to a loved one or even…

The Magic of Transmutation

When you are born different, some people like friends, lovers, or family will just not take a liking to you. They won’t like you because your authenticity triggers their lack. However, at the same time, these people secretly admire you and are inspired by your words, movements, essence, and spirituality. You’ve noticed the positive shift…

An Enemy in Friend’s Clothing

There are many people in this world who have had an enemy in friend’s clothing. The main targets of these enemies are those who embody genuine kindness, happiness, big-heartedness, and who love others unconditionally, sometimes to a fault. If you resonate, this is for you! Some people endure these types of toxic vibes from frenemies…


You are phenomenal, you break records, you set world trends, and you have faced many difficult challenges: hate, discrimination, appropriation, trauma. You pushed through the trenches and still came out shining. Black girl, you are amazing, a Goddess, a star. You are Magic! Love & LightThe Golden Goddess Featured Products from The Golden Goddess Shop Watch the…

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