Buddha Head Rose Gold Candle


Scent details – White Sage, Clary Sage, rosemary, light floral fragrance oil, dried roses. Protects & wards off negative energies, cleans aura, success, aids in meditation, protection, strength, and healing. This rose gold Buddha Head Candle (in our Gold Luxor scent) is inspired by Tara, the Feminine Buddha.


DIMENSIONS Height 5” x Diameter 5” – 26 oz Wax, Candle weight is 4 Lb 3.6 oz
– All candles are made of soy wax

*This candle is in our Gold Luxor scent.
*Tara The Feminine Buddha is said to be the most powerful female deity in the Buddhist pantheon. In Sanskrit, her name means “star” and she is said to possess the ability to guide followers, like a star, on their spiritual journey.

* Candle safety instructions are included in every order.



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