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“When you let love flow into everything you do, the energy from your soul releases a frequency that can help heal the planet” ~ The Golden Goddess

About The Golden Goddess

Our love of crystals and candles has inspired us to create a line of unique and decorative products that are for any occasion. Our hopes are to lift the vibrations through beautiful visual art and holistic health products. May it bring happiness and positivity into your lives! Featuring quality seasonal and luxury candle collections, complemented with our Crystalline-inspired collection for your home and office spaces!

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Happy Holidays To All!

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Journey to the Flame

Our hand-crafted candles are infused with protective herbs, exotic aromatic oils, and quality crystals

The Seasonal Experience

Each moment of the year has its own eccentric beauty. These seasonal smell goods are certain to brighten your holidays

Christmas Magic Candles
Evil Eye tealight candles

Improving Your Accent Lighting

Tealight candles are perfect for accent lighting and adding an intriguing decorative effect to your spaces

Scents That Will Make
You Melt

Offering luxurious wax melts to burn for a long-lasting fragrance sensation. Using a wax melter/heater device is recommended

The Golden Goddess is Featured in VoyageUtah!

Special shoutout to our loyal customers in beautiful Utah. We are utterly grateful for your business and we strive to offer products that will bring happiness and lift the vibrations all over the country! View full article here.

Candle Safety

It is highly recommended to read our candle safety guidelines, which are also included in every order.

Featured Blog by The Golden Goddess

What Does The Word ‘Esoteric’
Mean To Me?

Whenever I think of the word esoteric, the first thing that comes to mind is sacred knowledge. Generally, it is not something we learn in grade school. It starts with happenings and awakenings that prompt you to seek out more information. Continue reading

esoteric knowledge

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Evil Eye Protection Candle w/ Tealights

Esoteric Candles

Infused with protective herbs and quality crystals

Christmas Magic with tealight candles

Seasonal Candles

Seasonal smell goods to brighten your holidays

Luxury Wax Melts

Burn for a long-lasting fragrance sensation

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