Pumpkin Spice Supreme Potion #7 Candle

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Scent details – Pumpkin spice, butter notes, cinnamon, cassia, clove, and a hint of smoked vanilla. Like pumpkin spice lattes? Light a pumpkin spice candle year round!

Crystal Variations: Rose quartz or Opalite


DIMENSIONS 3.5″ (Diameter) x 2.2″ (Height) 8oz / 240 ml tins
– All candles are made of soy wax

*Clove drives away negative or hostile forces, attracts prosperity, protection, strength, healing, and empathy. Cinnamon promotes comfort and relaxation, personal and spiritual power, love, luck, prosperity, and protection from negative energy. Helps the Third Eye Chakra.

* Candle safety instructions are included in every order.

1 review for Pumpkin Spice Supreme Potion #7 Candle

  1. Yah Davis

    The candle looks exactly the way it looks in the photos. Gorgeous pairings of fragrance, shimmer and flowers. This one smells like a caramel pumpkin…very deep and warm aroma. Great choice for the upcoming holiday season.

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